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3D models (click to open 3D model)

Instructions for viewing the 3D model

Clicking on one of the images shown at the left accesses “eDrawings” software that permits dynamic viewing of the vaccinia model. Using this software you may remove individual components of the model or make them transparent, and you may rotate the model in any orientation.  

The “eDrawings” software works only with Internet Explorer v 5.5 or higher.  The first time you access “eDrawings” by clicking on an image of the vaccinia model, eDrawings software required for viewing the model will be installed on your computer. Clicking on the different images at the left accesses different aspects of the virion: either the intact virion or one of three different mutually perpendicular cross sections.

The model is made up of seven components, including two membrane domains, two lateral bodies, two core wall domains and a central tube structure. Once the eDrawings window is active, you should see different toolbars across the top of the window and down the left-hand side, and the chosen virion on display in the main window.  The program defaults to a component window that is displayed when the file cabinet icon on the left-hand vertical toolbar is selected.  The component window lists each of the seven individual components: two membrane domains, two core wall domains, two lateral bodies, and the “tube”.  Left clicking on any component highlights that component in green. Right clicking on a component provides options for removing that component or making it transparent.  Selecting the rotate button on the horizontal toolbar above the main window allows you to rotate the model in any orientation. With the rotate button selected, the mouse cursor appears as two arrows arranged in a circle. Click and drag the cursor anywhere in the window with the model, and the model will rotate according to the direction the cursor is moved.

Experiment with other buttons to experience the full functionality of the software and examine the virion and its components in detail.



Full Viron