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Fig. 2.  Vaccinia virus internal features.  (A) Cryosection (Hollinshead et al., 1999).  (B) Whole mount cryo electron micrograph using uranyl acetate staining (Griffiths et al., 2001).  The authors interpreted images of isolated particles as revealing significant asymmetry in the virion structure, two lipid bilayer membranes, and infoldings of the membranes.  Hence the “R” indicates the right hand side of the particle.  The authors state that: “The particle has attached to the grid support in a manner such that a classical side view is evident. The two membrane layers are indicated with large arrows, and the spikes are indicated by an arrowhead. The star indicates the projection of one of the lateral bodies that we believe is due to the overlapping of the peripheral lobes of the virus (top and bottom). The small arrow indicates an inward groove in the membrane.”  The image is one of the best available showing the internal structure of the virion in a whole mount preparation of virus.  (C, F, I)  Three different projections of a whole mount preparation of virus, phosphotungstic acid stained (Peters & Mueller, 1963).  (D, G, J) Sections of purified virus, uranyl acetate stained, in three different perpendicular planes  (Peters & Mueller, 1963).  (E, H, K)  Sections of MV in three different perpendicular planes [(Kato et al., 2004) and Condit, unpublished].  (E) and (H) are virions in infected cells; (K) was from a preparation of purified virus.


Griffiths, G., Wepf, R., Wendt, T., Locker, J. K., Cyrklaff, M., Roos, N., (2001). Structure and assembly of intracellular mature vaccinia virus: isolated- particle analysis. J.Virol. 75, 11034-11055.
Hollinshead, M., Vanderplasschen, A., Smith, G. L., Vaux, D. J., (1999). Vaccinia virus intracellular mature virions contain only one lipid membrane. J.Virol. 73, 1503-1517.
Kato, S. E., Strahl, A. L., Moussatche, N., Condit, R. C., (2004). Temperature-sensitive mutants in the vaccinia virus 4b virion structural protein assemble malformed, transcriptionally inactive intracellular mature virions. Virology 330, 127-146.
Peters, D., Mueller, G., (1963). The fine structure of the DNA-containing core of vaccinia virus. Virology 21, 267-269.

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